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 NameSurnameCountry Title of contribution Abstract
Arzu Akgül Turkey Fredholm Joint Spectrum for Families of Operators abstract
Asada Akira Japan Zeta-regularization and calculus on infinite dimensional spaces abstract
Sezgin Altay Turkey Generalized Birecurrent Riemannian Manifolds With Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection abstract
Jehad Alzabut Jordan
  1. Fredholm Alternatives of Impulsive systems with Delays,
  2. Functionally Equivalent Impulsive Systems with Delays
Allaberen Ashyralyev Turkmenistan Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for PDE:Well-Posedness abstract
Tansel Avkar Turkey Fractional Calculus and Constrained Systems abstract
Vladimir Balan Romania Variational problems in the geometrized first-order jet framework abstract
Ulviye Baser Turkey Output Feedback Controller for Linear Neutral Systems: Delay Independent Case abstract
Sibel Baskal Turkey Killing-Yano tensors of order two and three for a class of generalized pp-wave metrics abstract
Ugur Camci Turkey Collineations of (2+1)-Dimensional Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Spacetimes abstract
Erik Cerven Sweden Space-Time Dimensionality of Plain Physical Observation abstract
Irena Comi˘ Serbia and Montenegro The Einstein-Yang-Mills equations in gauge spaces of order k abstract
Lenka Czudkova Czech Republic Variational non-holonomic systems in physics abstract
Özlem Defterli Turkey Killing-Yano tensors and surface terms abstract
Sadettin Erdem Turkey Constancy of some maps into certain metric (para) f -manifolds abstract
Göksel Daylan Esmer Turkey Horizons and Geodesics of Black Ellipsoids with Anholonomic Conformal Symmetries abstract
Chiara De Fabritiis Italy Composition Operators on generalized Bergman Spaces abstract
Georgi Grahovski Bulgaria On the multi-component NLS type models and their gauge equivalent abstract
Maryna Grebenyuk Ukraine Normals of the Equipping Distributions for Three-component Distribution in the Affine Space abstract
Dan Bucur Grecu Romania Crossover behaviour between KdV and mKdV equations in a cold plasma with negative ions abstract
Gusein Guseinov Azerbaijan Discrete Variational Calculus abstract
Graham Hall UK Symmetries and Orbit Theory in 4-dimensional Lorentz Manifolds abstract
Derya Haydargil Turkey Identification Of E x B Jahn-Teller Systems and Their Finite Group Invariance abstract
Cathrine Vembre Jensen Norway Ordinary Differential Equations and invariant structures: decomposing and solving equations in terms of irreducible representations of symmetry algebras abstract
Suat Kasap Turkey
  1. Differential-Algebraic Equations in Primal Dual Interior Point Optimization Methods
  2. An Overview of Mean Field Theory in Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Hasan Keles Turkey On the Fuzzy d-dimentional linear Spaces abstract
Laszlo Kozma Hungary Sub-Finslerian geometry abstract
Eser Körcük Turkey Solution of the Txt Jahn Teller Hamiltonian abstract
Demeter Krupka Czech Republic Global Variational Theory: Foundations and Current Problems abstract
Olga Krupkova Czech Republic The Geometry of Variational Equations abstract
Remi Leandre France White noise analysis, filtering equation and the Index theorem for families abstract
Valentin Lychagin Norway Geometrical and Analytical Methods for PDE's Solutions abstract
Nugzar Makhaldiani Russia Nambu-Poisson dynamics and applications abstract
Gianni Manno Italy On the geometry of the geodesic equation in the jet of 1-dimensional submanifolds abstract
Koji Matsumoto Japan Twisted warped product CR-submanifolds in Kaehler manifolds abstract
Yoshio Matsuyama Japan On Einstein Lagrangian submanifold of a complex projective space abstract
Vladimir Matveev Russia Projective Lichnerowicz-Obata Conjecture abstract
Tom Mestdag Belgium Generalized connections and affine bundles abstract
J. Cortés Monforte USA An Incursion into Optimal Control and Geometric Optimization abstract
Sami Muslih Palestine On the path integral quantization of constrained systems based on Güler’s and Batalin-Fradkin-Tyutin (BFT) methods abstract
Constantin Niculescu Romania Convexity Inequalities and Applications abstract
Füsun Özen Turkey A Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection On A Weakly Symmetric Riemannian Manifold abstract
Mahmut Özer Turkey Relaxation phenomena in the (in)activation gates of the voltage-gated ion channels abstract
Serdal Pamuk Turkey Stability Analysis of the Steady-State Solution of a Mathematical Model in Tumor Angiogenesis abstract
Ömer Peksen Turkey The complete system of global differential and integral invariants for centro-affine curves abstract
Eqab M. Rabei Rabei Jordan Hamilton-Jacobi treatment of Lagrangians with linear velocities abstract
Abdugafur Rakhimov Turkey On the Fuzzy d-dimentional linear Spaces abstract
David Saunders UK Sprays and Cartan projective connections abstract
Baruch Schneider Turkey Some properties of the Cauchy-type integral for the Moisil-Theodorescu system of partial differential equations abstract
Jana Sedenkova Czech Republic A Generalization of Lepagean forms in Mechanics abstract
Dana Smetanova Czech Republic The Classification of Regular Second Order Lagrangians abstract
Martin Swaczyna Czech Republic The nonholomonic variational principle abstract
Gamze Tanoglu Turkey The Hirota Method for Nonlinear Evolution Equations with three Distinct Roots abstract
Hayriye Tütüncüler Turkey Investigation of the Finite Group Invariance of T x (e + t2) Jahn Teller System abstract
Anca Visinescu Romania Modulational instability of some nonlinear continuum and discrete models abstract
Mihai Visinescu Romania Symmetries of the Dirac operators on curved spaces abstract
John C. Wood UK Jacobi fields along harmonic maps abstract