Names of Authors titles of contributions as in the copyright
Graham Hall Symmetries and Orbit Theory in 4-dimensional Lorentz Manifolds
Vladimir Balan Variational problems in the first-orderjet framework
Nugzar Makhaldiani Nambu-Poisson Dynamics and Application
Baruch Schneider,
Michael Shapiro
Some properties of the Cauchy-type integral for the Laplace vector fields theory
Maryna Grebenyuk Equipping Distributions for Linear Distribution
Tansel Avkar,
Dumitru Baleanu
Fractional Euler-Lagrange Equations for Constrained Systems
Sedenkova Jana A Generalization of Lepage Forms in Mechanics
Mahmut Özer Relaxation Phenomena in the (In)activation Gates of the Voltage-Gated Ion Channels
Serdal Pamuk,
Aslihan Güven
Stability Analysis of the Steady-State Solution of a Mathematical Model in Tumor Angiogenesis
Arzu Akgül,
Sadi Bayramov
Fredholm Joint Spectrum for Families of Operators
Allaberen Ashyralyev Nonlocal Boundary-Value problems for PDE:Well-Posedness
Lenka Czudkova
Jana Muskova
Variational non-holonomic systems in physics
Irena Comic The Einstein-Yang-Mill's equations in gauge spaces of order k
Dan Bucur Grecu,
Anca Visinescu,
A.S. Carstea
Crossover behaviour between KdV and mKdV equations in a cold plasma with negative ions
Anca Visinescu,
Dan Bucur Grecu
Modulational instability of some nonlinear continuum and discrete systems
Martin Swaczyna The nonholomonic variational principle
Akira Asada Zeta-regularization and calculus on infinite dimensional spaces
Dana Smetanova On regularization of second order Lagrangians
Olga Krupkova The Geometry of Variational Equations
Niculescu Constantin An Extension of the Mazur-Ulam Theorem
Remi Leandre Dixmier Douady Sheaves of groupoids and brownian loops
Demeter Krupka Global Variational Theory: Foundations and Current Problems
Jehad Alzabut,
A. Zafer
Oscillation Criteria for Second Order Impulsive Delay Differential Equation
Ion I. Cotaescu,
Mihai Visinescu
Symmetries and superSymmetries of dirac-type operators on euclidean taub-nut space
Hayriye Tütüncüler,
Ramazan Koç,
Bora Umut Türkdönmez
Group Theoretical Treatment of the Jahn Teller Systems T1x(e+t2)Coupling
Chiara de Fabritiis Linear Operators on Generalized Bergman Spaces
David Saunders Sprays and Cartan projective connections
Tom Mestdag Generalized connections and affine bundles
Boris Kruglikov,
Valentin Lychagin
A Compatibility Criterion for Systems of PDEs and Generilized Lagrange-Char Pit Method
Gamze Tanoglu,
Oktay Pashaev
The Hirota Method for Nonlinear Evolution Equations with three Distinct Roots
Vladimir S. Matveev Geodesic rigidity
Erik A. Cerven Space-Time Dimensionality of Plain Physical Observation
Yoshio Matsuyama On Einstein Lagrangian submanifold of a complex projective space
Sami Muslih On the path integral quantization of constrained systems based on Güler’s and Batalin-Fradkin-Tyutin (BFT) methods
Gusein Guseinov Discrete Variational Calculus
Vladimir Gerdjikov,
Georgi Grahovski
On the multi-component NLS type systems and their gauge equivalent: Examples and reductions
Laszlo Kozma,
Ioan Radu Peter
Connection Theory for Sub-Finslerian Geometry
Cathrine V. Jensen Decomposition of ODEs with an SL2 algebra of symmetries
Dumitru Baleanu,
Özlem Defterli
Killing-Yano tensors, surface terms and superintegrable systems
Füsun Özen,
Sezgin Altay
A Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection On A Weakly Symmetric Riemannian Manifold
Sezgin Altay,
Füsun Özen
Generalized Birecurrent Riemannian Manifolds With Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection
Gianni Manno The geometry of the geodesic equation in the jet of submanifolds framework
Jorge Cortes Motion Coordination algorithms resulting from classical geometric optimization problems
D. Baleanu,
S. Baskal
Compatibility of non-generic supersymmetries and geometric duality for a subclass of generalized pp-wave metrics
Suat Kasap 1,
Theodore B. Trafalis
An Overview of Mean Field Theory in Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Suat Kasap 2,
Theodore B. Trafalis
Differential-Algebraic Equations in Primal Dual Interior Point Optimization Methods
Ugur Camci Collineations of (2+1)-Dimensional Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Spacetimes
Ömer Peksen The Types of Centro-Affine Curves